NHCDP County Convention Update

NHCDP County Convention Update

Our County Convention will take the form of a Zoom Webinar, which will be pretty familiar to those of you who have been attending our Virtual meetings.

Unlike most of our meetings to date, you will need to pre-register. 

To register now, please click HERE


We need more than 50% of precincts to be represented, so if you are a precinct officer, please make sure at least one person from your precinct plans to attend. 

At the meeting, we will hear from NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson and District 18 House Rep Deb Butler, and will vote on NHCDP Officers, SEC Members, delegates to the District and State Conventions, and vote on resolutions. 

We are going to have an up or down vote on all of our resolutions at the meeting. If the vote is favorable, they will all be forwarded to the 7th District Convention. You can review the resolutions here.



Richard Poole, Chair


New Hanover County Democratic Party Convention

When: Saturday, April 10, 10 am

Where: Zoom


7th Congressional District Democratic Party Convention

When: May 22nd

Where: Online


2021 Summer SEC Meeting

When: August 7th